Reliable Service

We manufacture and imports directly from our own mills in China and India to your facility or to your client’s locations.

Our integrated system  track complete work flow starting from the product inquiry to making the payments for the products.

You can always reach to one of our experienced  Sales staff during the normal hours.

No Compromise on quality

Our Plywood manufacturing process in China and India are supervised and quality checked by industry qualified technician in each step of the process to make sure that products comply the quality standards.


China and India has great sources of natural wood including birch, okoume, poplar, eucalyptus and cheap labor prices this allows to manufacture large quantity of high quality plywood with lesser cost compared to US local manufactures 

Greater strength and density

Our 18 mm (3/4") & 12mm (1/2") plywood has more number of pies compared to domestically-produced versions.

Industry-grade double sanded sheets

Prior to lamination, we take the extra step of sanding the base plywood platform using automatic calibrated sanders so that we have more even edges and accurate dimensions.

Consistent quality, from forest to factory to freight

Midland Trading has direct presence at the wood source in China, where our engineers oversee and inspect the production process at the mills. Our finished sheets are then packed in purpose-built crates that are banded around all 6 sides and placed in steel waterproof containers that shield them from moisture, deformation and damage.